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27 - 29 August 2021


“Superpositions” is a group exhibition curated by Thom Bridge for South Bermondsey Art Trail including residents from Staffordshire Street Studios and a number of invited artists from across South London.

Works from the fifteen artists in the exhibition draw on the complexities of layering, the building of time and the uncertainty of dualities—incorporating themes found between two scientific principles: the law of superposition in geology and the principle quantum superposition in quantum mechanics. The first dictates that the layering of sediment is made in time sequence, with the oldest strata at the bottom and the newest at the top; while the second describes the dualities exhibited by wave-particles at sub-atomic level, including light’s simultaneous and inseparable manifestation as both a particle and a wave. Superpositions is also the title of a great track from Nathan Paul Fake's 2006 debut album “Drowning in a Sea of Love”.

Artists: Chloë Louise Lawrence, Clémentine Bedos, Isabel Castro Jung, Kasper Pincis, Kim Jakobsen To, Maisie Maris, Manuel Calvo , Rita Aktay, Rosalind Wilson, Ruaidhri Ryan, Ruby Dickson, Sara Mognol, Sarah Pickering, Steff Jamieson, Thom Bridge.

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