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Loop Series

Regenerative Materials workshops

Saturday 10 December 2022


Staffordshire St presents a series of regenerative material workshops.


Episode 1 :

Osmose Studio is an award-winning regenerative design studio specialised in bio-fabrication in collaboration with living organisms, most specifically mycelium, the root of mushrooms. Giving more agency to nature to create circular and biodegradable pieces, the studio is led by fashion designer Aurelie Fontan and myco-material expert Ashley Fontan. Re-designing our ways of making, with ecosystems’ regeneration and product end-of-life in mind, the studio delivers large scale projects for interiors, exhibitions, and installations, collaborating with a wide range of professionals, to solve our climate change crisis. They are pioneering new craft techniques that they often demonstrate and teach at universities or private workshops.



OSMOSE Mycelium Masterclass

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Saturday 10th December

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