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Friday 16 November 2022


Staffordshire St presents ARCADE a new night for emerging theatre makers to showcase 20 minutes of bold and innovative new work. Centred around the idea of play, ARCADE provides an opportunity for artists to try out new work in front of a live audience, offering a platform for them to go on and develop these works in the future. 


Curated and hosted by Brightmouth, a collaboration between artists and producers Theo Moore & Nathan Charles, ARCADE is a night for exciting, emerging artists to test out a new script, a new idea, a new approach; to start something and see where it goes. 

Audiences are central to ARCADE, given the opportunity to watch and reflect on four high-quality, bold new pieces of performance work at the inception of their development, and stay for a drink afterwards!

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Scratch Night

Friday 16th December 6.30-11pm

£8/£5 unreserved seating

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