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 Folk Club | Handkerchief workshop

Wednesday 24 May 2023


Join Folk Club as we look back on some of the May's oldest traditions. While we look and learn, embroider your very own Morris dancing handkerchief.

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Wednesday 17 May 2023

An evening of experimental poetry, featuring work by Rashed Aqrabawi, Ivanna Baranova, Chris Blewitt, Will Harris, and Alex MacDonald

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Thursday 11 May - Sunday 14 May 2023

Presented by Kaia Goodenough
and Tilly Wace

Staffordshire St presents The Store, an exhibition and collaborative programme of events centred around a potato store in Norfolk. Curated by Kaia Goodenough, The Store is a response to Tilly Wace’s interdisciplinary film and research project Between the Furrows.


Together they present an exhibition of film, photography and creative writing to create a metaphor for a source of energy through live activations. Questioning the multiplicity of dark spaces, embodiment, tangent thought and collective movement.

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Thursday 20 April - Sunday 7 May 2023

Presented by F.A.F

‘As a Child with a Matchstick Castle’ is a three week exhibition presenting the building of a large-scale installation by F.A.F Collective that explores how layers of history and myth are interwoven. 

F.A.F emerged out of a shared indifference to the financial and physical restraints placed on the creation of large scale sculptures in London. In a disused industrial site, which had been fly-tipped with construction debris, this shared sentiment first manifested itself with the creation of ‘Stephen Bhatti’s Diving Tower’. This show brings these three artists inside the gallery to unearth a mosaic hidden below a caravan complex.

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Thursday 6 April 2023

recombinator is an audio visual project by artists Blake Hart-Wilson, Jonatan Wejnold and Hongrui Liu in collaboration with their fellow RCA Contemporary Art Practice cohort (art-speak for posse).


An arch mash-up of video clips, sound samples, songs, snippets, fragments, slivers and morsels received via submission which are then curated, catalogued, distilled, re-ordered, and disordered. 


Wednesday 5 April 2023

Glimpse1 is a poetry event activated by machine learning, it’s a live generated a.i assisted evening of spoken word and miscommunicated intents. Showcasing the artists from the Contemporary Art Practice MA at the Royal College of Art, new writing will be performed in the space and then live modified by an a.i text generator to create a completely new spin on the work. 


Thursday 23 March - Sunday 26 March 2023

Curated by Yifan He

Swords and Kisses is a four day programme of events around an exhibition of works by artists and gamers. The show centres around queer+trans visions of a non-linear time-space and experiences of diasporas. The exhibition space becomes a gathering space to create and inhabit other worlds. Queer and global majority artists build portals, props and false promises to critically approach the theme of fantasy.

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Opening : Thursday 16 February 6-9pm

17 February - 5 March 2023

5 - 8pm Thurs, Fri | 12 - 6pm Sat, Sun

A group exhibition curated by Georgia Stephenson and Rosalind Wilson, which examines the tools and burdens we carry with us.


A sculptural display of works presents an assortment of responses: from self-defence to coping mechanisms, compulsions or avoidances, self-medication, mantras, armour and antidotes.  The works on display are vessels or vehicles for dealing with or undertaking the myriad journeys of life.

Categorised by ‘baggage size’, the carousel displays a variety of sculptural and video artworks by 46 artists based in London, the UK more widely and internationally.

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Peckham Digital 2023.png

Friday 16 December       6.30-11pm

Peckham Digital have joined forces with Staffordshire Studios to bring an introductory evening to Algorave. This evening will include an array of free workshops and performances for those new to the subject or passionate for years.


Peckham Digital is a festival celebrating creative computing, with a programme of interactive artworks, workshops, talks and performances run over 4 days.


Featuring, live music and coding workshops with Hydra and Strudel.

ARCADE POSTER-2 copy.jpg

Friday 16 December       6.30-11pm

ARCADE is a new night for emerging theatre makers to showcase 20 minutes of bold and innovative new work. Centred around the idea of play, ARCADE provides an opportunity for artists to try out new work in front of a live audience, offering a platform for them to go on and develop these works in the future. 


Curated and hosted by Brightmouth, a collaboration between artists and producers Theo Moore & Nathan Charles,

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Wednesday 30 November     7-10pm 

An evening of deep listening to mark the release of Echo Location - a new collaborative compilation exploring the relationship between sound, music and environments.


Made in dialogue with field recordings from the Inner Hebrides, Echo Location showcases new compositions from contemporary electronic artists Penelope Trappes, DJ Raff, Udit Duseja, Awkward Moments, K.N.A., Kit Ebersbach and James Gardner.

The evening will feature an immersive, analogue playback of Echo Location on reel-to-reel tape, presented alongside visual and embroidered materials gathered over 6 months on the Isle of Muck, Scotland.

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Opening: 10 November 18:00-21.00

10 November - 28 November

A new body of work by Rudy Loewe examining Britain’s relationship to Caribbean Black Power movements during the 1960s and 70s. Recently declassified records from The National Archives have been used as source material for painting and drawing. The exhibition illuminates a part of British history that has been suppressed in the archive, weaving it into the genealogy of Empire. 


Loewe’s practice explores black histories, gender and Caribbean folklore through visual practice. They interrogate what has become truth in the collective memory, envisaging alternate futures that centre black queer and trans experience.  

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Emerging from the rubble.jpg

Opening: 20 October, 18:00-21.00

20 October - 1 November

A multi-disciplinary exhibition co-curated by Fauve Bickerstaffe, Jasmine Shigemura Lee, Isabel Castro Jung and Rosalind Wilson. The show includes sculpture, performance and video installation exploring different insects from the South London area. What we can understand by looking at non-human ways of being and how linear time can be disrupted, finding futures away from our current path of ecocide. Large sculptures and performance pieces will be collaboratively made from recycled and found materials by the four artists, to create a playful and riotous exhibition which will to help reassess how we see and encounter these creatures in daily life. 

DM-panorama .jpg


Opening: 15 September, 18:00-21.00

15 September - 2 October

Poet and philosopher Paul Valery states in his book Sea shells ‘a crystal, a flower or a shell stands out from the usual disorder that characterizes most perceptible things’. He is taking solace in the geometrical structure in these natural forms as a secure point in nature to meditate on. This shell however, also has the ability to feel more like a pressure cooker than a refuge. Both acting as the intimate cocoon we try to maintain around our own personal chaos, as well as a protection from outside turmoil - the protective skin doesn’t

necessarily get crushed, but the pressure it endures around it is palpable.

Curated by HAZE, an artist-led curatorial project co-founded by Camilla Bliss and Solanne Bernard.

bag,pedestal,rabbit,potato_font nowords.jpg

Opening: 1 September, 18:00-21.00

2 September - 11 September

A group exhibition of 10 artists which reflect on this idea of the collective and containment. Born from a series of weekly zoom meetings between the curators during the pandemic where these womxn discussed personal histories and experiences of womxnhood. A collective was formed as means of survival and space for sharing and processing- a modern day campfire with the absence of heroes and violent battles won but rather a messy and intertwined collection of stories about struggle and survival. An endeavour grounded in collective healing and opening the conversation out to hear more stories of our shared realities.


Opening: 4 August, 18:00-21.00

5 August - 14 August

A collaborative exhibition by Daisy Harvey and Flora Hunt which explores social choreography, ritual, storytelling and collectivism.

1 copy.jpg

21 July - 31 July 2022

Fels and Staffordshire St presents In The Direction Of Colour - a group exhibition celebrating the exploration and application of colour within contemporary design in London. Hosted in a refurbished Methodist hall in Peckham, the exhibition features works from 11 London-based designers who acknowledge colour in different ways. Be it a central tenet to their practice as a whole or a specifically informed project, varying approaches to materiality, process and finishing are exhibited as a colourful reflection of London’s vibrant design community.


Collaborative exhibition by Critics Club and its members: Eleni Papazoglou, Susana Bolton, Matilda Mersa, Rory Fallon and Rosalind Wilson.

Opening: 21 July, 18:00-21.00



A collection of 6 young creatives brought together by the Creative Ideas Fund programme. Through a series of round table discussions the group came to the consensus; To redefine Black History Month and challenge the narrative rooted in tokenism, which detaches many from engaging with their history. 

Ecdysis _ Staffordshire Studios (Low Res)-19.jpg


An exhibition curated by Hannah Rowan exploring traces of touch that emerge through materials. Drawing on Ursula K. Le Guin’s ‘carrier bag theory of fiction’ and Karen Barad’s writings on touching and the inhuman, Ecdysis draws together artists working with notions of vessels, ritual, the animacy of matter, and the temporal transformation of materials.



Works from the fifteen artists in the exhibition draw on the complexities of layering, the building of time and the uncertainty of dualities—incorporating themes found between two scientific principles: the law of superposition in geology and the principle quantum superposition in quantum mechanics. The first dictates that the layering of sediment is made in time sequence, with the oldest strata at the bottom and the newest at the top; while the second describes the dualities exhibited by wave-particles at sub-atomic level, including light’s simultaneous and inseparable manifestation as both a particle and a wave. Superpositions is also the title of a great track from Nathan Paul Fake's 2006 debut album “Drowning in a Sea of Love”.

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