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Faith, place and Migration

Opening: Thursday 7 March 2024


8 - 17 March 2024

5-8pm Thurs, Fri | 12-6pm Sat, Sun

Staffordshire St presents Faith, Place and Migration, co-curated by Shahed Saleem and Julie Marsh in collaboration with the congregation at the Old Kent Road Mosque.

This multi-media installation will introduce the tangible and intangible cultural heritage of London's oldest Nigerian community, the Old Kent Road Mosque. Through this exhibition, the curators question the nature of a community archive and explore how the narratives of community members are embedded in and told through the architecture of their sacred spaces.

This exhibition will feature two expanded moving image installations created by artist Julie Marsh during a five-year collaboration with the Old Kent Road Mosque congregation. 

The exhibition and event programme will be co-curated by Shahed Saleem and Julie Marsh in collaboration with the Old Kent Road Mosque community, which will offer the wider community an opportunity to connect with the congregation through workshops and events such as an Iftar, a meal to celebrate the breaking of fasting during Ramadan.

Press release here 

Reading list available here



Join us for the opening, with a children’s choir from the Old Kent Road Mosque and Islamic Cultural Centre, and an introduction from Mudathir Yussuf and Adesina Alabi. Performances and talks from 7.30, with screening beforehand.

Thursday 7 March 6 - 9pm

Meet the Mosque

From 4pm each day, pop in to meet a member of the Old Kent Road and other local mosques to learn about their communities and activities. This is an informal open to all session for any questions and conversations you may have.

Thursday - Sunday, 4-5pm

Free - drop in to the gallery


Workshop: Past and Future

We invite you to gather, share and document community histories through stories, objects and images. Join us to discover community perspectives, and contribute to a local archive. 

Saturday 9 March, 12 - 2.30pm

Free - sign up here


Evening Iftar

Old Kent Road Mosque and Staffordshire St invite our neighbours to join an Iftar at the gallery, a fast-breaking evening meal during Ramadan. Free Nigerian food will be served.

Saturday 16 March, 6 - 9pm

Free - sign up here

Peckham Perspective with Nice & Graphic

Experience the traditional craft of letterpress during this workshop. Select from a range of vintage wood block typefaces, compose your message, ink the blocks, and print your personalized poster to take home


This workshop is part of the Peckham Perspective project: collecting messages from the community, turning them into letterpress prints and creating an installation that unifies the voices of Peckham.

Sunday 17 March 12 - 6pm
Free, drop in

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