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Staffordshire St provides a range of secure and affordable studios, as part of our artistic community in South London.

Our studios range from 130-500sqft and are used by artists, designers and architects.


The fully renovated building features private and shared workspaces with natural light, high ceilings, double glazing, central heating and high-speed internet.

Our studios are currently full, if you wish to be added to the studio mailing list, to be updated on when studios become available, please fill out this form to be added to the waiting list or sign up to our mailing list for updates.

Staffordshire St Kiln Club in association with technician and artist, Manuel Calvo, offers affordable rates and aims to provide the best firing outcome for your work. 

For quotes and enquiries, please do get in touch at: 


cov-americ-grey - Isabel Castro Jung.jpg

Isabel Castro Jung / Visual arts- Sculpture & Performance art

In my practice I explore the idea of how personal conditions and needs can be materialized into an object, developing pieces and narratives around migration, heritage and gender and its influence on identity and belonging, focusing on the connection between the individual and the communal.


I mix materials and disciplines blurring the boundaries between performance and sculpture. Main materials in my work are textile, rubber, and ceramics, as well as repurposing and recycling garments and other objects. My pieces are performable sculptures transforming the performer into an hybrid being in a temporary shelter, often I am inviting the audience to be part of this process.

Get to know the current artists at Staffordshire St.

chloe louise lawrence pic - Chloe Louise Lawrence.jpg

Chloë Louise Lawrence / Artist

D783247D-A3DB-4610-A50B-B143E2702708 - Anna G..JPG

Thom Bridge / Artist, curator and educator

Thom Bridge is Swedish British artist, organiser, curator and educator based in South London. Since graduating in 2014 with an MFA in Photographic Art from Valand Academy in Sweden, Bridge returned to London and has exhibited across the UK and internationally. He also holds a BA (Hons) in Photography from the University for the Creative Arts at Farnham. 


Characterised by its reflexivity, Bridge’s photographic practice is simultaneously an exploration of photography through himself and an exploration of himself through photography; this manifests through the practice and display of printmaking, sculpture and installation.

Chloë Louise Lawrence (b. 1991, Woolwich) is an artist that works with print, sculpture and text. In recording textures of the everyday, of a peeling, or of a drip, Chloë re-stages ordinary domestic and workaday routines, subverting surfaces of everyday life. Reflecting on growing up in council homes, she uses the narrative of a home as an impermanent space, and reproduces fragile objects that are often paused in a dichotomy of the monotonous routine, and a lacking of the material ability to actually commit.

Headshot -Clémentine Bedos copy - Clémentine Bedos.jpg

Clémentine Bedos / Transdisciplinary Artist

As an Afro-diasporic artist (Haitian, Amazigh, Gypsy, French) with a background in law, philosophy and fine art, I develop a transdisciplinary practice that traverses through an inheritance of slaves, nomads, migrants, and colonists, to the story of my grandmother, the ‘outsider’ Jeanne Durand, with whom I maintain a spiritual epistolary relationship. At the heart of my work is a desire to highlight worldviews that embrace alterity in all its forms. Through cross-fertilisation of ancestral and emerging technologies in mixed-reality performances, I facilitate self-representation for members of the communities I belong to, a right that has historically been denied to us. Focusing on the multilayered oppressions faced by marginalised bodies, I merge digital and somatic processes to create new technologies of consciousness, break away from the normative gaze, and weave new forms of connection.

45410B49-47AD-4F3F-B6E8-14BFCAAABCB6 - Ruby Dickson.jpeg

Ruby Dickson / Artist

Attempting to situate the frenetic feeling that life is ephemeral and inevitably coming to an end. The paintings allude to the indescribable sense of foreboding felt when contemplating death. The paintings contain compositions of uncommon realities, where figures and objects depict themselves in transitional moments of prostration, begging and zombification. Ranging from decay to birth and often yearning without significance. Using painterly juxtapositions ranging from the voluminous through to mere outlines.

Portrait -

Rosalind Wilson / Drawing, Print, Sculpture, Installation

My creative practice spans the disciplines of art and education.


I use found materials and manual processes to make sculptures and spatial installations, contrasting playful actions or joyful colour with notions of precarity and grief. I have developed my work through an on-going peer network Crit Club which I co-founded to collectively support individual practice. As an educator I am an Associate lecturer of Illustration at Camberwell College of Arts on BA and Foundation - I work with young adults at early stages of their artistic careers. I’m also on the steering committee at Staffordshire St Gallery. 


My personal projects, collaborations and teaching cross pollinate to form the components of my creative practice.

chris_lacy_image - Christopher Lacy.jpg
Manu TKR - Manuel Calvo.jpg

Manuel Calvo / ceramicist, illustrator

I create multilayered projects exploring imaginary narratives of the human condition and fictional biological mutations that incorporate concepts from science fiction, cosmology and Deep Time. 

I like my drawings and sculptures to be mysterious and symbolic, sometimes sitting in contradictory areas of interpretation. My current practice focuses in thrown and altered sculptural ceramics, drawing and illustration.

Web 1920 – 3 - Alex Hough.png

work-form / Graphic Design Studio

work-form is a graphic design studio, led by Charlie Abbott, Jake Hopwood and Alex Hough.


We work with a diverse range of clients – from individuals, community groups and independent businesses, to larger cultural institutions – to create visual identities, exhibitions, typography, print design, websites and branding. We take an open, collaborative approach to every project, informed by detailed research and development. We are particularly interested in exploring the relationship between people and the places they live in.


We look for opportunities to investigate participatory ways of making, grounded in our experience as educators.

Christopher Lacey / Designer

I’m a graphic designer, lecturer based in London. I work with artists, cultural organisations, commercial clients and friends on a range of typo/graphic material. I also volunteer part-time as a caseworker in my trade union. In my research and teaching, I’m particularly interested in using the framework of historical materialism to explicate the political machinations of the creative sector.

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