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Opening: 10 November 18:00-21.00

10 November - 28 November

A new body of work by Rudy Loewe examining Britain’s relationship to Caribbean Black Power movements during the 1960s and 70s. Recently declassified records from The National Archives have been used as source material for painting and drawing. The exhibition illuminates a part of British history that has been suppressed in the archive, weaving it into the genealogy of Empire. 


Loewe’s practice explores black histories, gender and Caribbean folklore through visual practice. They interrogate what has become truth in the collective memory, envisaging alternate futures that centre black queer and trans experience.  

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Thursday 17 November     6-8pm 

As a part of the programme for Unattributable Briefs: Act One there will be a panel discussion with Ajamu X, Onyeka Igwe, Jacob V Joyce and Rudy Loewe; followed by Q&A. In this session the speakers will discuss using archives within artistic practice, particularly those with a relationship to black resistance movements and colonial legacies. This is an in-person event that will be recorded and available after the event. 

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Saturday 26 November 1-6pm

To close the last weekend of the Unattributable Briefs: Act One exhibition, there will be a free Community Day event. This will include an exhibition tour with Rudy Loewe, a creative family friendly workshop and music from Black Obsidian Sound System. Free Caribbean food will be served.

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Wednesday 30 November     7-10pm 

An evening of deep listening to mark the release of Echo Location - a new collaborative compilation exploring the relationship between sound, music and environments.


Made in dialogue with field recordings from the Inner Hebrides, Echo Location showcases new compositions from contemporary electronic artists Penelope Trappes, DJ Raff, Udit Duseja, Awkward Moments, K.N.A., Kit Ebersbach and James Gardner.

The evening will feature an immersive, analogue playback of Echo Location on reel-to-reel tape, presented alongside visual and embroidered materials gathered over 6 months on the Isle of Muck, Scotland.

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Tuesday 6 December       7pm

Supper club by Eccoci Kitchen in

collaboration with George Selley.

An evening of food and discussion imagining alternative economies and value systems. 

Eccoci Kitchen is a food catering project based in London. They challenge the

boundary between visual art and cuisine, creating engaging events where food is both an art medium and a physical experience. There are 15 places to try out their fantastic tasting menu.

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Friday 9 December    8.30-10.30pm 

A live music fundraising event that takes place in pitch black conditions, in aid of the Amber Trust, a charity that helps to provide blind children with musical instruments and music lessons. 

Three live performances, soundscapes, choral works and installation pieces. This immersive three dimensional sound experience will feature a improvisations as well as pre-composed experimental pieces. Expect a blend of classical and contemporary, soundscapes and choral works.


There will also be special guest performers featuring on the night. Curated by Mike Otzeki

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Saturday 10 December      10-12 am


This masterclass will give you a holistic overview of all things fungi-related : how they grow, how they interact with their environment and most importantly, why there is such a strong interest from multiple industries in studying mushrooms and mycelium to solve our most critical environmental and health issues. You will learn about the mycelium design landscape, how we can work with this incredible material across art, architecture, homeware, interiors and fashion. The masterclass will conclude with a step-by-step approach to the hands-on process, which will be demonstrated during the workshop in the afternoon. There will be time for Q&A after the talk.

Osmose Studio is a regenerative award-winning design studio pioneering biomaterials and bio-fabrication in the field of art and design, with a strong focus on circularity, biodesign and sustainable practices.

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Friday 16 December       6.30-11pm

ARCADE is a new night for emerging theatre makers to showcase 20 minutes of bold and innovative new work. Centred around the idea of play, ARCADE provides an opportunity for artists to try out new work in front of a live audience, offering a platform for them to go on and develop these works in the future. 


Curated and hosted by Brightmouth, a collaboration between artists and producers Theo Moore & Nathan Charles, ARCADE is a night for exciting, emerging artists to test out a new script, a new idea, a new approach; to start something and see where it goes. 


Audiences are central to ARCADE, given the opportunity to watch and reflect on four high-quality, bold new pieces of performance work at the inception of their development, and stay for a drink afterwards!

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£8/£5 unreserved seating