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Opening: Wednesday 7 February 2024


8 February - 11 February 2024

5-8pm Thurs, Fri | 12-6pm Sat, Sun

Staffordshire St presents Mass, an installation created by Gaika and Ben Cullen Williams, which investigates the demise of club culture as a ritual in London. Stemming from their own experiences of London club culture growing up and seeing these spaces be turned into commercial developments, forcing out grassroots club culture from the city.


The work will explore the relationship between economics, gentrification, club culture and religion. The exhibition’s name is a nod to a former club in Brixton called Mass, a club that Gaika and Ben used to visit regularly, which was housed in a converted church. Elements with the exhibition will have reference to this church; triptychs, altar, stained glass, chapels.


Participating artists:

Gaika and Ben Cullen Williams

Press release here

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Opening Night

The installation will begin as a live recording. Audiences are invited to join Gaika in recording a soundscape while screens visualise commercial developments in CGI videos & scanning processes.

Thursday 7 February 6-9pm
free or PWYC, sign up here

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