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ACall Festival #3

Opening: Wednesday 6 December 6-9pm

7 - 10 December 2023


Staffordshire St, SONS OF CRAFT and studio/chapple present ACall Festival #3

For its third edition, multidisciplinary design lab SONS OF CRAFT and Deptford-based project space studio/chapple collaborate once again for the ACall Arts Festival: A week-long exhibition and series of events that celebrates the intersection between art, music, fashion and design. 


This year, the theme builds on a mythology - or ‘techno-mythology’ - that centres around technology’s resulting impact on consumerism and the commodification of the human existence. Playing on classical mythology, ideas of the underworld - both literally and metaphorically - will form a setting in which notions of desire and greed, industrial downfall, and technological decay will be enacted out within the crevice between myth and reality.

Participating artists:

Aaron Roth, Ahyeon Ryu, Amba Sayal-Bennett, Chaney Diao , Emily Mulenga , Enorê, Estefanía B. Flores, Kialy Tihngang , Laura Kazaroff, Linnea Skoglösa , László von Dohnányi, Madeleine Pledge

More info here.


Decoding Techno-Mythology: on the Fusion of Fashion, Music, and Modern Art | panel discussion

Voices from the music, fashion, and art worlds will unravel the symbolism and cultural significance of techno-mythology.

Thursday 7 December 7 - 9pm

free, sign up here

Metamorphosis: From Analog to Digital | performances

Join some of the ACall artists on a transformative journey from analog to digital through a live performance, showcasing the evolution of artistic expression.

Friday 8 December 7 - 10pm

free, sign up here

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