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Swords & Kisses

Opening: Thursday 23 March 2023


23 March - 26 March 2023

5-11pm Fri | 12-6pm Sat, Sun

Staffordshire St presents a group exhibition and performances, curated by Yifan He.

Chaney Diao, Kash & Germ, Axe Binondo, Zhuyang Liu, Nitesh Tailor, Song Han, Chia Amisola, Jiawei Zheng, and Angeldust

Swords and Kisses, a four day programme of events around an exhibition of works by artists and gamers. The show centres around queer+trans trans visions of a non-linear time-space and experiences of diasporas. The exhibition space becomes a gathering space to create and inhabit other worlds. Queer and global majority artists build portals, props and false promises.


The show explores the technology of fantasy: world building, avatars, and storytelling; to suggest fabulous ways to be with each other through care, nightmare and fan-fiction. Through installation, memes, video games, costumes, critical essays the artists draw from their experiences of failing or succeeding to pass borders, gender and identity.

More information here

Link to show reading list


P4mance nite XOXO (at the table)

A night where characters gather at the site of Staffordshire St for murderous morphes, wondrous explores, a raves, a surgery, and a dinner decolonised

Thursday 23 March 7-9pm

book here

Private view + chat room for gamers and more: a panel talk

Kash & Germ, Axe Binondo and Chia Amisola

in conversation with Yifan He

Saturday 25 March 6-9pm

free - sign up here 

Game building workshop: Unreal Engine 5

led by Rebecca Travers

Sunday 26 March 3-5pm

book here

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