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Destructive Mollusc


Thursday 15th September 2022 6-9pm

16 September -  27 September

5-8pm Thurs, Fri | 12-6pm Sat, Sun

Staffordshire St and HAZE present Destructive Mollusc inviting sixteen artists to investigate the idea of a skin or membrane as both protective and restrictive.


Poet and philosopher Paul Valery states in his book Sea Shells ‘a crystal, a flower or a shell stands out from the usual disorder that characterizes most perceptible things’ - he is taking solace in the geometrical structure in these natural forms as a secure point in nature to meditate on. This shell however, also has the ability to feel more like a pressure cooker than a refuge. Both acting as the intimate cocoon we try to maintain around our own personal chaos, as well as a protection from outside turmoil - the protective skin doesn’t necessarily get crushed, but the pressure it endures around it is palpable.


The exhibition is curated by HAZE, an artist-led curatorial project co-founded by Camilla Bliss and Solanne Bernard. As galleries and exhibition spaces closed down during the first wave of the Covid-19 pandemic, and art slowly migrated online, HAZE was set up to enable an approach to exhibiting work which is more adaptive and fluid, without being tied down to one particular location. 


Saelia Aparicio, Carl Anderson, Robert Aberdein, Solanne Bernard, Camilla Bliss, Rob Branigan, Šimon Chovan, William Darrell, Jane Hayes Greenwood, Oisin O’Bríen, Alicia Reyes McNamara, Emily Stapleton Jefferis, Amy Steel, Becky Tucker, Georg Wilson

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List of works click here


Darning workshop hosted by GOING

11.30 am - 1.30pm Sunday 25 September 

book here

Plate painting workshop hosted by Eliza Hopewell

11am - 1pm Sunday 1 October

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