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made without

Opening Thursday 12 September

13 - 22 September 2024

Weds - Sun | 12-6pm

Staffordshire St presents Made Without Permission, curated by bafalw as part of London Design Festival 2024.  


Throughout our lives we’re negotiating and interacting with spaces. Not just physically, but also on a cultural and emotional level. In a place like London, ideas of community are traditionally presented through places that are granted to us or we’re given limited access to. But what about the spaces we make for ourselves? The ones sitting on the edge of what is allowed and permitted? What are the approaches, adaptations or small acts we make to create a sense of ownership and belonging within the environments we navigate?


Made Without Permission celebrates a language of intervening in our shared spaces by ‘making it ourselves’ – greatly influenced by the different diasporas and communities that come together in our city.


Bringing together the work and practice of designers, collectives, artists, groups and individuals alongside day-to-day rituals and everyday moments the ground floor Staffordshire St will be 'occupied’. Over the course of the festival it will act as an active space to discover, relax and enjoy along with a range of different workshops and events.


Bamidele Awoyemi, Farouk Agoro & Livia Wang (bafalw):

“We are a collective of designers, artists and curators that have an ambition to collaborate with different groups, specialists, and communities in the projects we do. While still sharing backgrounds in architecture, our work crosses into other disciplines of art, film, exhibition design, education, programming, curation, writing and collective acts/practices.”

More information coming soon. 


Events and workshops will be announced in due course.

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