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As a child with a matchstick castle

 Opening: Saturday 22 April 2023 6-9pm

20 April - 7 May 2023

12-8pm Thurs, Fri | 12-6pm Wed, Sat, Sun

We stand very still, feet flat - mosaic islands raised from the ground, excavated mound of concrete narrowing beneath, 

        Then we start to move with them 

                                         turning into them 

Walking through feels more like wadding in knee-deep eaters, leading down into a hidden underworld. A site of moments in which dreams arise like notes in the dust. 

Outlines of skeletal rafteres shift about our heads - clad with tin, secured by rivets - cast ghosts of arches once rushed through. 

Now, these narrow passages ask us to embrace a phase of alchemy.

Staffordshire St presents ‘As a Child with a Matchstick Castle’ a large-scale installation by F.A.F that explores how layers of history and myth are interwoven. The largest Roman mosaic to be found in fifty years was unearthed directly beneath the site of F.A.F’s temporary work ‘Constant’s New Garden’ and living space ‘The Caravan Complex’. This brought a halt to the development of the flats that had forced their departure. The mosaic is thought to be from the floor of a dining room of an upmarket motel, a place where visiting officials may have stayed. The endurance of this mosaic, that they had once unwittingly lived above, prompted a reflection on the temporal nature and transience of F.A.F's previous architectural structures. In this new work F.A.F explores the mythologies surrounding their own works, creating a fictional scenario in which the remnants of a past project has been unearthed.

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(re) Valuing (property in) You(r area)

Panel discussion on alternative ways of living.

Thursday 27 April 6-8pm

free entry - sign up here

Through the Caravan Window

A life drawing session held in and amongst the installation.

Wednesday 3 May 6.30-8.30pm

book here 

Extension Cable Cuisine

Crock - pot communal feast in the exhibition space

Sunday 7 May 3-9pm

free entry - sign up here

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