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Opening: Thursday 5 October 2023


5 October - 22 October 2023

5-8pm Thurs, Fri | 12-6pm Sat, Sun

Staffordshire St presents a group exhibition by Lewis Davidson, Hazel Brill and Kara Chin. They are brought together by a shared drive to work with the mundane and nostalgic icons of material culture, both from the everyday and from the fictional worlds of disaster and horror films. Likening their processes to den-building, the artists playfully hobble together and break apart well-known subjects to create their own spaces of solace, to hold tight against the wailing moon and its sea of mass-produced objects.


Participating artists:

Lewis Davidson, Hazel Brill and Kara Chin

More information here

Map and handout available here

Reading list available here


Pin The Tail on a Frankenstein

Join Lewis, Kara and Hazel for a workshop exploring imagination through the exquisite corpse. Age 8-12

Sunday 22 October 10am-12pm

free entry, book here

Film Night

Join Lewis, Kara and Hazel for a deep dive into how horror films are made. 

Sunday 22 October 6-8pm

book here

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