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Pipe Dreams

Opening: Thursday 25 July 2024


25 July - 11 August 2024

5-8pm Thurs, Fri | 12-6pm Sat, Sun

Staffordshire St invite you to return to the water park with Pipe Dreams, a collaborative project conjured by Jimi and Madeleine Famurewa.

Prepare to be transported to the half-remembered fantasia of a London orbital waterpark in the mid-1990s. The siren of the wave machine; the fog of chlorine and deep fat- fryers; the connective ridges of the water flume on your back.

Pipe Dreams will combine soundscapes, large-scale drawings and an installation. The project is a cross-disciplinary celebration of leisure pools in the South East, examining what they meant to the people who visited, reflecting on the loss of similar community spaces, and exploring how they can become more diverse and inclusive. 

This exhibition will be the centrepiece of our annual Festival of Community. Exploring notions of community, place and belonging, Staffordshire St will become a locus for playful creativity and celebratory knowledge sharing. 


Events and workshops will be announced as part of the Festival of Community. 

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