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An immersive exhibition exploring the concept of black history month through diverse multi-media outlets.

A collective of 6 young creatives brought together by the Creative Ideas Fund programme.

Through a series of roundtable discussions, the group came to a consensus: To redefine Black History Month and challenge the narrative rooted in tokenism, which detaches many

from engaging with their history.

As the young creatives of tomorrow, we are actively diversifying spaces making art accessible to all. Our mission is to re-educate the masses and encourage the next generation of young creatives.

Legacy is always unfolding, it's an ongoing process. Our exhibition was an invitation to experience this through the raw art and media pieces presented. They will continue to evolve and grow, as will we. Not only leaving a legacy through them, but also saying: We Are Legacy Now.

Asante, Sky Caesar, Shania Graham, JR Graham, Dominique F.Rakib Syed

Co curated by Sky Caesar and Dominique F. 

Photography by @gfletchdigital

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