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Loop Series

Regenerative Materials workshops

Next workshop:

From The Soil Up

Sunday 20 August 2023

from 2pm

Staffordshire St presents a series of events for artists and the wider community, collectively exploring regenerative processes and materials.


Through a selection of talks, workshops and other events, LOOP will wind a thread of conscious discourse through Staffordshire St’s main exhibition programme, linking together a network of makers, who are exploring alternate systems and materials to be employed as remediation tools for our creative industries, communities and planet.

Woven into the forthcoming programme will be a selection of activities and discussions, including mycelium master classes, low carbon web building and wild clay workshops.

As winter draws in, LOOP’s activity will circle back to a natural point of rest and reflection, forming a discussion group for artists to share ideas and information on how we can cultivate regenerative, creative practices.


LOOP programme is curated by Lisa Darrer.


For up to date information on LOOP events, subscribe to

Staffordshire St mailing list and follow our socials.


From The Soil Up

Join us for a family focused, wild clay LOOP workshop! 

Dig deep into the histories of Peckham and make new worlds together, through getting hands on with clay processing and building. Hosted by Jessy Solomon-Harper and Mattie O'Callaghan, free or PWYC.

20 August 2023, 14.00 -16.00pm

Book here




Osmose Mycelium Masterclass

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